Earning money through the internet is the best and the most reliable way to create financial freedom. So, if you know some creative ways of sharing a link to our website, we may offer you some commission. Therefore, read along to find out the best affiliate program at AW8 and how you can join one.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Casino affiliate programs are nothing but player referral programs, basically to acquire new customers on the website. Besides, it means making partnerships with stakeholders who are ready to market our services through URL links that direct the users to our website. In short, you can earn money by promoting our casino online. This amount of commission will be a percentage of the net profit you generate for us.
Although each casino program is different, they offer more or less the same services and work.

How to Join the Affiliate Program?

The AW8 Affiliate Program is free of cost to join. If you are planning to join the Acewin affiliate program, the first thing you need to is register with us. To register, fill up the affiliate program application form, and provide all the information asked from you. The only information required is your username and password. You will also see your automatically generated affiliate ID in the last text box of the page. Besides, the website will contact you within three business days regarding your acceptance into the program.

Jot down this affiliate ID because you may require it every now and then. This unique affiliate code will differentiate you from the rest of the affiliate members. For every link that is shared, our system will differentiate it from other partners using this unique code. Besides, your contact information is safe with AW8 Affiliate. Moreover, we do not sell or rent your contact information to anyone.

Moreover, the Acewin8 commission plan is as follows.

The commission will be based on the total amount of a member’s loss.

Total Member Loss(MYR/SGD) Total No. of Active Players Rate of Commission
1 or More than 1 < 5  12%
Between 1 - 15,000 5 28%
More than 15,000 > = 5 40%
With the number of players actively playing on the platform, affiliates will start earning a commission. Also, note that Poker is not included in the commission plan.

All affiliate members are subjected to promotion bonus/rebate cost incurred during member acquisition. The price is deducted from the revenue by the end of the month.


Below is the method of how we process the commission payment. 
  • All referral commission payments will be paid in the currency selected by you while setting up the affiliate account (available in MYR and SGD only).
  • The commission will be calculated once a month and sent on the 5th – 7th day of the month.
  • The profit you earn will be deposited in your bank account within three working days after submitting the withdrawal request.
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal is MYR100 / SGD100. If the commission is calculated to be below this threshold, it would be carried forward to the next month.
  • AW8 retains the right to change the Referral Commission percentage and method of calculation accordingly.
  • Also, we reserve the right to amend or add any terms mentioned above as may deem fit to us.
  • Furthermore, if the affiliate member’s performance doesn’t meet the expected quotas, AW8 reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point without any prior notice.

Sub Affiliate Commission

AW8 also offers a sub-affiliate commission program. This allows an affiliate member to expand his career by establishing multiple businesses in another market. The website encourages agents to convert into second-line agents, also referred to as agent recruitment agents.

If an affiliate succeeds in referring his friends or acquaintances to join the Acewin8 Affiliates Program, he will be eligible to earn an extra 10% commission depending on the referral commission.

This way, his total commission becomes a sum of the Direct Commission and 10% of Sub-affiliate’s Commission.

How to earn profit from Affiliate Program?

Online affiliates work by placing unique tracking IDs on their sites in order to drive more referrals to the casinos. The primary factor to keep in mind for earning profit from affiliate programs is by creating content that attracts potential members to join the program.

These affiliates also place-tracking IDs on other marketing campaigns to promote the casino. Moreover, this can be easily achieved through popups, banners, simple text links, and other methods directed by the program. All you are supposed to do is drive traffic to the casino’s site.

In addition, it would be more profitable if you have a website already because most affiliate programs tend to review all potential offline campaigns on an individual basis. You also might be asked to submit an offline marketing plan outlining your demographic.

So, how will an affiliate program come to know that a player came from your referral?

Generally, most gambling sites use cookies to track referrals. When a visitor on your website clicks on an online gambling site you’re promoting through a banner or text link that contains your tracking ID, a cookie will be dropped on their computer. This cookie informs the casino where the player has joined through. Lastly, you will be credited with the referral.

Before you decide to join the Acewin8 affiliate program, we recommend you go through the procedure and commission plan. In order to receive more profit, refer to as many players you can and earn money sitting at home.
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