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We encourage all users to go through the privacy policy thoroughly to make an informed decision.


Legal Terms for Online Gambling in Malaysia

In technical terms, online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. However, none of the laws has clearly stated that patronizing a gambling site is forbidden. Since the laws were framed decades ago, there is no specific mention about placing bets online.

In fact, as per the Civil Contract Law, Malaysia has declared that any agreement made in the form of gambling is null and void. Understand it this way, if a person wins a bet, but the other person refuses to pay him, he cannot file a lawsuit against him. So, to say, he will not be backed by any legal support.

Moreover, Malaysia being a predominantly Muslim country, gambling is considered illegal whether online or offline. However, there are three laws that dictate the gaming regulations in the country.

Betting Act 1953
Under this act, all gambling all forms of gambling are totally banned. The act also talks about all possible means of telecommunication of bets between people and betting houses. Moreover, it has also been stated that anyone found operating a betting house or patronizing any website will be fined 200,000 ringgits followed by five years of imprisonment. In short, it can be said the Betting Act is focused on sports betting and bookmaking.

Besides, it is a bit obscure to find whether betting websites fall under the category of a traditional betting house. One relieving factor for the gamblers is that Malaysia doesn't target individual people but those who either own or operate the betting houses.

Common Gaming Houses Act 1953
As sports betting and bookmaking are covered under the Betting Act, Common Gaming Houses Act includes all other gambling forms. Under this law, it's a crime to operate a betting house and even being caught inside one. Anyone caught in it is subject to a penalty of 5,000 ringgits and can be sent to prison for up to six months.

The act covers almost all possible locations where people could gather, and gambling can take place.

Sharia Law
According to the Malaysian constitution, Islam is the mandatory religion for all Malays as they account for over 60% of the total population. Not to mention, under Islam, gambling is considered a sin. The Sharia law is imposed upon the Muslims, and the law does not bind the non-muslims.

In Malaysia, Sharia courts and the secular legal system co-exist. Moreover, the practice of gambling is strictly forbidden by Sharia law.

What Information Do We Gather?

At the time you register yourself on AW8, we collect information about when you communicate with 'Customer Support' and when you log in and use the sites.

There are two types of information that are collected. The first one is the non-identifiable type, and the second one personal.

Non-Identifiable Information
This type of info is gathered as you use the website services and interact with them. None of the individual's personal details are revealed through this.

Info like the type of browser, the operating system used by the device, your language preference, access time, and the website's domain name or the sources that linked you to the Services. These details are collected for research and analytics purposes about your use of the Services.

Personal Information
The personal information we gather is the name (first and last), address, contact number, and email address of the user. Besides, for identity verification, one has to provide his date of birth, gender, user name, password, credit card information, and answers to security questions.

For transaction purposes, the user has to update his bank account details as well.

Cookies Information
We also use cookies and other technical methods of web analysis to store and track information related to your visit and activity on the site. However, we may ensure that our trusted partners and we use cookies for various purposes intended to benefit you. These eventually allow you to navigate through the pages and make your interaction with the services convenient.

Our website uses three types of cookies, namely, 'session cookies,' 'persistent cookies,' and 'third party cookies'.

Although the user has an option to disable the cookies, it may result in access denial to some of the services we provide. Also, some of the features may not remain functional anymore.

Data Security

We know how dear is the sensitive data for you. Therefore, we take utmost care of it while implementing and maintaining the security of your information.

Here at AW8, we exercise industry-standard procedures to ensure the safety of our users' information and prevent all sorts of unauthorized use of the information they provide. We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect the data.

If you feel that the services being provided to you aren't meeting the expectations, you can notify us using the email you registered with. Our team of experts will work on the matter and resolve the issues to the best of their capabilities.

Besides, if you feel like your information is being breached, we will immediately inform you.

Terms of Service

  • You can play only if you are 18 years old or above or are legally allowed to play, keeping the age factor in mind. If this is not the case, the company has the right to prevent you from playing and withdraw your account.
  • We also have the rights to amend and update these conditions without any notice, and those will be in effect as soon as they are published.
  • All the information and data provided to you are copyrighted and belong only to the company and its licensors, and are meant for non-commercial use only. 
  • As you agree to use the services, you will undertake that you will not use or access the website for any purpose stated unlawful under the system.
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