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Legal Terms of Malaysia towards Sport Betting

Gambling and sport betting in Malaysia is quite a tricky topic. Since around half of the population of the country is Muslim, it has some of the most strict gambling laws. If we specifically talk about sport betting, the Betting Act of 1953 prohibits the residents from operating as a sports bookmaker.

However, certain types of gambling are legal in the country. According to the Lotteries Act of 1952, people are allowed to run lotteries. On the other hand, the Racing Act of 1961 allows betting on horse racing but only at a physical racecourse. Clearly, the status of online sports betting in Malaysia is quite hazy. However, due to no relevant amendments in the Betting Act, the majority of the gamblers remain unregulated. Additionally, the government doesn’t issue a license for online casinos. It also prohibits the citizens from transferring money to overseas online casinos.

Sport betting Malaysia still provokes various discussions in the law-making bodies in the country. It is mainly because of Malaysia’s dual-system of law. The Sharia Laws run parallel to the secular courts of the country, which confuses the general public.

Types of Sports Betting Available Online

There are several types of sports betting that you can find online. So, if you are still confused, we have curated the list of all the popular sports that can help you earn a huge profit. Let’s dive in!

Football Betting
Football is the best sport betting online and has gained huge popularity among the masses. The same goes for Malaysian people as well. You can place bets on leading football leagues and tournaments. These include La Liga, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champion League, and Serie A.

Additionally, with AceWin8, you can play games like Saba-Sports, c-Sports, s-Sports, and m8-Sports. Try your luck today!

Tennis Betting
The second most popular sports betting in Malaysia is tennis. There are two types, firstly, singles in which two players play against each other. The second type is doubles, where players play in pairs against each other. You can place your bet on several tennis leagues like the Australian Open, International Premier Tennis League, and French Open.

Rugby is a team sport involving two teams that have fifteen players on each side. Rugby is played mostly in France. However, it has a strong fan following in Malaysia as well. You can place your bet on Rugby World Cup, which is held every four years.

Other than these games, you can bet on other popular sports like volleyball, golf, ice hockey, baseball, and snooker.

Pro and Cons of Sport Betting

The scenario of sports betting has changed majorly due to the advent of technology. Nowadays, online sports betting has taken the audience by the storm and has eventually brought them together.

However, just how there are two sides to a coin, Malaysia online sport betting has its pros and cons. So, take a quick look below if you want to know them all!

  • Big win: The probability of winning a huge amount of money is one of the reasons why people choose sports betting. Every day, people win jackpots. However, even if the amount isn’t that big, there are quite a few chances that you will earn decent with the help of sports betting. Just keep in mind that to win big you will have to acquire various skills of the particular sport you are choosing.

  • Profitable investment: Betting adds fun and entertainment to the lives of players. Most of them do not bet to get money. Rather, they enjoy all the excitement that comes with betting. It increases the importance of a game, especially if your team is also playing.

  • A great source of fun: The live chat feature of the live casino gives you the freedom to get to know like-minded people. Therefore, you can establish a more personal connection with players all over the world. On top of that, you can also interact with your dealers.

  • Versatility: There are several websites available online. Moreover, you can choose from different games, including football, badminton, basketball, and tennis, and enjoy every bit of the match by betting on your favorite team.

  • Easy to start: Initially, you do not need high-level skills to place a sports bet. In fact, betting websites provide all the necessary instructions, rules, and directions so that you can place a bet safely. Not only that, but some of the websites even offer a bonus when a player signs up. Additionally, you can make use of fake currency to practice before you get into the real deal.
  • You can lose money quickly : Sports betting is very risky. Probably, this is one of the reasons why people dislike placing bets. You can end you losing money pretty quickly if you do not take calculative steps. Keep in mind that sports betting isn’t only about luck. You need to acquire skills and eventually gain experience if you want to deal in millions. 

  • You won’t always win: While winning money is the ultimate goal of a gambler, sports betting doesn’t assure that you will win every single time. You’d be surprised to know that, with sports betting, people lose more than they win. This is probably the reason why casinos and gambling sites are still in business.

  • You can get addicted: Betting surely has no effect on a person’s mental health. However, it can affect your mental health pretty quickly, and you can eventually get addicted to it. Sports betting is even more addictive than drugs or alcohol. When a person has lost every possession in sports betting and is still tempted to play more, it can be fatal for his financial conditions in the future.


1. Is sport betting profitable?
You can earn a huge profit from sports betting. However, most of the betters lose their money if they have zero to little knowledge in this field.

2. What sports are bet on the most?
People generally bet the most on soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and cricket.

3. Should I do sports betting?
If you are truly willing to put in the work that sports betting requires, you should go ahead with it. It offers longs term winnings. Therefore, if you start today, you may be able to make huge profits in the future.

4. Where can place sports bet online?
AceWin8 gives you the freedom to place sports bet online with ease. It is one of the best sport betting sites where you can find some of the most entertaining games.


Sports betting is getting huge recognition throughout the world, especially in Malaysia. No matter if you are a resident or not, you can easily get access to some of the most amazing games online. By reading this blog, we hope you have gathered all the necessary information you need to become a pro sports better. Enjoy!

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