Online poker Malaysia is something that is gaining more attention than the traditional poker. In fact, the number of people playing online poker games in Malaysia has increased hugely in the last few years. 
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Legal Terms of Malaysia towards Online Poker

The legal status of online gambling in Malaysia is a little reserved. As it is a country comprising 61% of the Muslim population, Malaysia obeys a particular set of laws.

In technical yet simple words, online poker is illegal in Malaysia, but the practice is mostly overlooked. As it can be seen that many players place bets over the internet every day. Although many online poker Malaysia websites do not run legally, international gambling sites accept Malaysian players. In fact, to welcome the players, the deposits and withdrawals are made in ringgits. As long as a player deals with a registered and reputed gambling site, his money and privacy are safe.

Furthermore, there are no specific rules pertaining to online poker in the Betting Act. On top of that, as no amendments have been made yet, the gambling market remains free of any rules and regulations. That being said, as the government is trying its best to keep the practice of gambling under control, it's taking all needed actions. This is one reason why they do not issue licenses to any of the online gambling websites.

Moreover, the Malaysian banks have been directed not to allow any transaction to and from any online or international casinos. Consequently, many internet cafes have been subject to a lawsuit for indulging in the same. Also, the calls for banning online gambling is hiking with every passing day.

However, if this can help you relieve, let us tell you that no individual has ever been held to play poker online to this date in Malaysia. But, remember, you are not entirely off-the-risk while playing poker. Unless you are playing it safe on a reliable website, you cannot be assured of safety.

Types of Online Poker Games Available Online

Here are some types of poker games that Malaysian's play the most.
Texas Hold 'em
Out of all the Poker game variations, this one is the most played. You must have spotted it in movies and TV shows. The game is packed with a lot of action and strategy as it has two hidden hole cards along with five community cards face-up.

Pot-Limit Omaha
Pot Limit Omaha will take you to a higher level of adventure. The game is almost similar to Texas Hold 'em, with similar rules and regulations. However, there is one significant difference. In Omaha, the game is started with four hole cards.

Caribbean Stud Poker
In this game, you play directly against the dealer rather than other players. The rules are similar to the 5-card stud. The only exception being, the dealer has to show one of his cards. Sometimes, there are jackpots in the game as well.

Genting Online Poker
Genting is one of the most popular casinos in Malaysia and one of the finest in Asia, which also offers Genting online poker.

Pros and Cons of Online Poker

Now that you are familiar with the types of online poker games, you might as well be wondering about the advantages and disadvantages. So, let's start with the pros first.

  • It's affordable: Playing poker online can be less expensive than playing it traditionally in a casino or any other brick-and-mortar place since you don't have to pay any overhead costs. In addition, you don't have to spend any money on fuel or food as you can play it from your comfort zone.

  • Play it whenever you want to: Another benefit is that you can play it at your leisure. Whenever you are free, whichever location you are at (provided that you have an internet connection, of course). Play it early in the morning, late at night, while traveling or when you don't feel like doing anything else.

  • Variety of games online: When playing online, you have a large variety of tables to choose a game from. Since there are plenty of websites, each of them offers a different style of playing ranging all levels from easy to difficult ones. Not to mention, each site has a dozen options for the players to choose from. One of the best online poker sites in Malaysia is the AW8.

  • Enjoy Bonuses: Online casinos are known for offering good deals of bonuses in the form of real money, reward points, and sometimes even free online poker game. In short, if you play win bonuses as well as Rakeback. This is indeed a fun way to spend and earn some money!
  • No one can see your tells : While playing traditional, you are usually surrounded by professionals, which means they can read your faces and postures. However, while playing online, you are safe. This means, for people who find 'tells' a vital part of the play, it might not be as fun.

  • One can get addicted to it: Like many other online games, poker can also be addictive. Since players can play it anywhere, anytime, this usually happens with addictive personalities. So, make sure that you have self-control and will not become habitual of the game before entering this zone.

  • No interaction: For people who go to the casino for social interaction and meet new people, online poker will be the least attractive. So if poker was your way of table chats and making new friends, this may not be a good option for you. However, it's a good way to beat isolation.


1. Is it dangerous to play online poker?
Sometimes, the coolest feature of online poker free 'play it anytime and anywhere' can be hazardous to the player as it can cause some serious mental health and addiction issues.

2. Can one cheat while playing online poker?
Yes. It has been noticed that some players methods like collusion, ghosting, poker bot, etc., to cheat in a poker game online.

3. Which is the best online poker to win real money?
Games like PokerStars, IDNPoker, GGPoker, are some of the best poker online real money games.


Now that you have unraveled all the vital information, it's time to explore the gambling world. Lastly, if you have decided to play online poker, make sure that you stick to international gambling sites or the ones which have a reputed base. For instance, AW8 is one of the most reliable ones. They also offer the IDN Poker app, the only app that lets you play poker online and available on iOS and android.

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